CONTRACTED STUDENTS (flute or piano)

  1. Lessons are billed at flat monthly rate. The rate is not impacted by holidays, missed lessons, etc.

  2. There are no lessons given the two weeks including Christmas and New Years, as well as two weeks in the summer (specific dates to be announced each year).

  3. Lesson payment is due in full at the first lesson of each month. Each week that a payment is late is subject to a $10 late fee.

  4. If the teacher is late to a lesson, the lesson will be extended to compensate. If the student is late to a lesson, the lesson will end at the scheduled time and no time will be added at any additional lesson.

  5. If the teacher needs to miss a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. If a student misses a lesson, no make up will be given.

  6. Two studio classes and two recitals per year are included in the flat monthly rate. Attendance at these events is encouraged and expected, but not attending does not entitle the student to any additional make up lessons or refunds.

  7. In order for the student to terminate lessons, 30-days notice is required whether or not the student is able to attend the final lessons.

  8. The teacher is entitled to terminate lessons at any time. Should the teacher choose to terminate lessons mid-month, she will issue a refund for the remaining portion of the month.


  1. Payment must be issued at each lesson and must be paid in cash.

  2. Multiple lessons may be paid for at one time, but after 30 days, any advance payment will be lost.

  3. Lessons held outside of the teacher’s studio will include a traveling fee.

  4. There is no required notice for cancellation or termination.


In addition to the plans listed above, the following policy applies to cyber lessons:

  1. Due to the inherent unpredictability of technology, poor signal, etc, is not the fault of either party and any lesson cancelled or shortened due to technological issues on either end will be made up.