I offer flute lessons at all levels and ages, and piano lessons for beginners

contracted flute lessons 

30 minutes, $135/month
45 minutes, $190/month
60 minutes, $245/month

Contracted flute students pay by the month, not per lesson, and are committed to consistent lessons. These rates are for lessons once per week, but arrangements can be made for every-other-week or twice weekly, etc. Contact me for those rates and availability. Contracted students are required to pay at the first lesson of each month for the entire monthIf the student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, no make up will be given.  If I need to miss a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. Lessons can be held at my studio or in your home for a travel fee, listed at the bottom of the page under "current rates."  See "current policies" at the bottom of the page for details. 


flex flute lessons 

30 minutes, $40/lesson
45 minutes, $60/lesson
60 minutes, $80/lesson

Flex flute students pay per lesson and are required to pay in cash at the start of the lesson. This set up is ideal for someone who wants to try lessons or can't commit to a consistent schedule. Flex students are making no long term commitment. Additional fees for lessons held outside of my studio still apply, and Skype flex lessons are available. There is also no fee or penalty for rescheduling or missing a lesson. See "current policies" at the bottom of the page for full details.


SKYPE/facetime FLUTE lessons

30 minutes, $135/month
45 minutes, $190/month
60 minutes, $245/month

Skype lessons are ideal for students who wish to study with me but are too far to have in-person lessons. I have had a portion of my studio be "cyber" for the last 4 years and have experienced great success. Students pay per month, not per lessonIf the student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, no make up will be given.  If I need to miss a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. However, if technology is to blame on either part for a missed or shortened lesson, the missed time will be made up.  

beginning piano lessons

30 minutes, $130/month
45 minutes, $185/month
60 minutes, $240/month

While I do not perform on the piano, I have over 10 years of lessons and multiple courses at the college level. I have over 5 years of piano teaching experience and have seen all of my students excel, each with a distinct learning style. I teach out of the Alfred or Faber books which are available at most local music stores or online. I prefer to start piano students from day one, but am willing to pick up where another teacher left off, and at any point it is possible that a student will exceed a level where I am comfortable teaching. At that point, I will work with the parent to find an appropriate replacement teacher. Payment is due in full at the first lesson of every month. If the student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, no make up will be given.  If I need to miss a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. Lessons can be held at my studio or in your home for a traveling fee, listed at the bottom of the page under "current rates."'


student testimonials


High school student of one year:
Miss Cari is the best!  She is very patient, encouraging, and always cheerful.  Her easygoing personality makes it simple to learn.  Rather than getting frustrated when I don’t understand something, she is quick to explain it another way or come up with a fun drill to make it easier.  I have been playing the flute for four years, and I have taken lessons from her for about two years.  I have grown exponentially.  More than simply teaching us the notes on the page, she makes an effort to teach lessons that will be applicable in all contexts.  She makes a real effort to understand her students and what makes them tick.  I would feel comfortable going to her with a personal problem the same way that I would with a musical problem.

Jillian Regner, High school student of 4 years
Cari Shipp, to say the least has been a wonderful teacher, and I have enjoyed every lesson I've had with her. Cari has taught me the techniques of flute, piccolo, and even some music theory in her lessons which can be used in both solo and ensemble playing. She has taught me modes of practicing as well, which are both effective and enjoyable. We have studied different musical time periods, composers, and styles which can be extended to music I play in Symphonic Band. The lessons I've learned can also be applied in real life, such as patience, and I would be nearly as skilled now without her. In fact, the only thing I would change about our lessons is that I wish I had started them sooner.

High school student of 6 months
Skype lessons are great. I have taken both regular lessons and Skype lessons with Miss Cari, and they are no different.  High Speed Internet has made it possible to do all that you can do during a regular lesson and more.  While taking these lessons, I have downloaded sheet music from the Internet, looked up scales online, played along with music from my iTunes account, and still been able to have all the components of a “normal” lesson.  Even over the computer, you still make a personal connection with the teacher.  At times it seems as though Miss Cari is right in the room with you.  Moreover, the lessons are right in your home; the schedule is more flexible and I don’t have to travel.

Mariama, Age 16, Student of 5 years
I have been taking lessons from Ms. Shipp since I was a freshman in high school. I started taking lessons at the music and arts store but a little while after that I started taking private lessons and this year I started taking lessons over Skype. She is very charismatic and friendly, but she also means business. Her style of teaching consists of using many metaphors, analogies, comparisons and similes that are both effective in portraying corrections and congratulations. One that she used recently, during my lesson, was to imagine that my embouchure was like a squeeze duster and that every time I inhaled air, I was expanding the duster, and when I was blowing, I was slowly squeezing the duster, so that the air came out in a steady stream. This helped me out because with that picture in my head I was able to effectively apply my embouchure. Whenever something of praise is done she will praise you, and then won't accept anything less. She takes notice of mistakes and will ask you what you did and didn't like, and then what you can do to fix those mistakes. These qualities are not lost through Skype lessons. She is still capable of effectively hearing the distinction between mediocre notes and mind blowingly amazing notes. I have greatly enjoyed my years of having lessons with her and my performance quality gives evidence of how effective her teaching method is to enhancing every aspect of playing the flute. 

Janice Lee, beginning student of 6 months
I think that her teaching helps me because later on, I want to be a flutist. To be a flutist, you have to know all the notes and fingerings. She is also very friendly and kind as your teacher. I think with her help, you could someday be a famous person or maybe a superstar on T.V!!!! If you have a really mean teacher or a teacher that you don’t like, you could come and learn how to play the flute with the nicest teacher that plays flute. She can teach you in a very nice and kind way... I really enjoy the way she teaches me to be a flutist... I think that you would really enjoy the way she teaches... I want to come to lessons every week. I hopeyou will be one of Mrs. Cari’'s students!!!!!